It’s all about The Cup of Cino

February 9, 2013

It’s never too early to plan for your dotage.

With this in mind, I’ve gathered my disparate collection of ceramic coffee cups in anticipation of the day I breathe a sigh of relief at not having to compete with younger, louder café patrons and just entertain my friends and their Zimmer frames at home.

This frenzied stocktake was brought on by a guest blog post I contributed last week to the Italian Language Blog where I reminisced about my family’s in-house afternoon coffee catchups.

I also tut-tuted at the increasing use of the disposable cup – sometimes seen in the popular ‘bucket size’, rushing down the street with a human sucking from its plastic lid. That can’t be pleasant, surely, and not only diminishes the coffee drinking experience but also contributes to ever-increasing landfill. (In Australia alone, 500 million disposable cups are thrown away every year – each one taking up to 50 years to biodegrade.)

If I save only ONE person from ever drinking good coffee from a paper cup again my job here is done. Would you really drink a good wine from a plastic tumbler? No. You’d take Danny Kaye’s advice and admit that “the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true” (The Court Jester, 1955).


Read fullLanguage of Coffee’ post: http://blogs.transparent.com/italian/the-language-of-coffee-2/

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  1. When my parents first arrived in Australia in the 1950s, they had to buy coffee from the chemist. and olive oil as well (it was a medicine) Ah all those wonderous things we have brought to Australia…

    • Whenever I hear examples like this, I wonder how our parents survived in those early years. They should all be given bravery medals

  2. What a lovely coffee cup collection … you obviously mean business! We bought a coffee machine recently, and some lovely Italian cups and saucers to go with it … there’s no looking back. Another lovely post, Ambra.

  3. I definitely have my favourites among this lot. There’s two white porcelain cups with gold handles that feel so good in my hands (and make coffee drinking so enjoyable), I treat them with much TLC

    • I’m sure they treat you with lots of TLC, too.

  4. A lovely collection of cups. I don’t understand the paper cups or takeaway coffee really … half the fun is in the sitting and sipping…

    • And so many $$ spent on disposables too. I’m always astonished that people complain about paying $25 for a book that takes a year to write but have no qualms about spending $2-3 on a bad takeaway coffee.

  5. Ambra you’re such a great writer. Hilarious post and I love the cup collection!

    • Thanks Alicia. My cups runneth over on Valentine’s Day. If only.

  6. Oh I’m with you on that Ambra… How can one savor while sucking on plastic?! such a waste of resources on something that’s used for 10 minutes then tossed. Loving your blog! Ingrid x

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