ABOUT Ambra Sancin

I’m a Sydney-based communications professional and freelance writer.

In a previous life I was a marketing manager/public programs curator for major cultural agencies including Sydney Film Festival, Screen Australia, NSW Writers’ Centre, Spanish Film Festival and Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts. For two years, I’ve been a regular contributor to the NRMA’s ‘Living Well Navigator site, writing about a carer’s life and aged care issues, as well as garden inspiration, Italian recipes and travel.

Born in Trieste, northern Italy but whisked away to Australia as a baby, I have a special interest in working with culturally and linguistically diverse audiences, especially the Italian community.

‘The Good the Bad and the Italian’ is a collection of anecdotes and observations on things Italian including food, films, folklore, culinary history and design  – and what makes Italians tick.  I also have a penchant for seeking out strange, vintage wares in my mother’s cupboards. This blog has inspired short stories that have been published in two memoir anthologies in 2015 and 2016.

I am available on a freelance basis for features writing, website content, copywriting and other interesting things. See my Pressfolio Online Resume for published stories.  

Follow me on Twitter:  @ambradambra or Instagram: @goodbadandtheitalian

Or email the Macchiato Mistress at: ambras (at) optusnet (dot) com (dot) au





  1. Ciao Ambra, great to meet another italo-australiana via WordPress, and I gather from a similar part of Italy. I love that you have written about artichokes, radicchio and coffee. All favorites of mine. Fantastic that you are involved with the Italian community in Sydney. It is one of the things I wish to do too! Paola

    • Ciao Paola. Yes, I’m Trieste-born, Sydney-bred. Really like your blog and glad to see that there are people like you (and me) writing about places in Italy apart from the usual well-known, touristy cities and regions. The Friuli is such a revelation and so different to other parts of Italy that I’m loving creating an awareness of it. Your future cooking classes sound good – good luck. Let’s keep chatting. Salve, Ambra

      • Thanks so much Ambra, will do. Paola

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Mandarin Spinach Salad. It really is a wonderful salad. Isn’t it amazing that your first name is my last name! It isn’t all that common. My husband’s grandparents came from Czechoslovakia, but he also saw the last name in Italy when he visited there as a teenager.

    • We share a great name, obviously!

  3. ciao Ambra, se vuoi sentire ancora un pò il “gusto” della tua città, vieni a contattarci sul nostro sito o nel nostro profilo FB, ti aspettiamo !!! http://www.radiocitytrieste.it http://www.facebook.com/RadiocityTS?fref=ts “se vedemo !!!” 🙂

    • Grazie mille per il suggerimento Andrea.

  4. Ciao Ambra !!!! LOVING your Blog and you might like to check out mine as well at http://www.paradisusgl.peternixon.com.au When are we doing coffee after Paddo Markets one Sat .. ? Would love to see how you are after all these years Bella.. Hope to see you soon :)))

    • Ciao Pietro. Thanks for nice compliment on my blog, will head over to yours soon. I’m coming to have a snoop at your Open Garden this Sunday morning. I thought you were still over on the North Shore … I’ve been in Surry Hills for approx eight years now and feel like a senior citizen. Too many hipsters. See you Sunday.

  5. So glad i found your blog … your posts always make me smile. A breath of fresh air!

  6. Ambra — great stuff! would love to use some of your work in my giornaletto ‘Amici d’Italia’ (for Mensa members, with a love for all things Italian) Full provenance will be given. may I?

    • That’s fine AmiciLaurie (?). Please let me know how/when you use it and attribute to me. It would be good if you put a link to the blog url as your members may want to subscribe. Cheers, Ambra

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  8. Happy New Year, Ambra, to you and your family. Look forward to reading your posts in 2014.

  9. Hi Ambra, thanks for liking http://www.delightfullyitaly.com

  10. […] this time I started my blog The Good the Bad & the Italian and lately have branched out into writing about my experiences as a sole carer for my 90-year-old […]

  11. I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Feel free to accept or ignore!

    • Right-ee-o then, better hop to it. Thanks Colin

  12. Thank you for following Ambra. I already follow you and enjoy your blog.

  13. Hi Jovina. I was already following you but hadn’t received your posts lately so checked and … I had mysteriously ‘unfollowed’ you. The wonders of technology!

  14. Nice to meet you. I found your blog through Austin’s Blog Party! 🙂

    • Thanks. Nice to meet you too. I’m on my way to your blog now. cheers

      • You’re very welcome!! I hope you enjoy your visit! 🙂

  15. Great blog’s name 🙂

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