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The Gardens of Ninfa – I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven

August 16, 2012

That’s it. I’m officially an old person. Last night I had dinner in front of the TV, near the heater, wearing woolly slippers, watching a GARDENING PROGRAM.

I’d managed to all but miss the four-part BBC series Monty Don’s Italian Gardens. But this episode promised a sense of ruin and loss on a Thursday night – as well as calla lilies and clivias.

Monty was travelling north from Naples to Sermoneta, 40 kms south of Rome, to wander the Gardens of Ninfa. Breathtakingly beautiful, Ninfa is a ruined medieval town rescued by two dedicated gardeners in 1905 and captures the liberated, looser spirit of southern Italian gardens.

Gardens of Ninfa near Rome

I did some googling and one blogger couldn’t understand Monty calling Ninfa “the most beautiful garden in the world” for all sorts of reasons, but apparently he’d misunderstood: Monty had called it “the most ROMANTIC garden in the world”. Sssshhh. Let’s keep our voices down and not upset the flowers.

Another blogger at Library of Design posted straight after watching the show and also has a crush on Monty. How could you not, when at one point he has to catch his breath when he spots a beautiful rose growing high in an oak tree. “Aaah, that’s just lovely” he says in a voice that’s pure honey.

Monty Don at Ninfa Gardens

Having declared myself an old person doesn’t mean I don’t have needs. And I need to buy this series NOW.

Here’s a seven minute teaser.

Gardens of Ninfa image: Daniele Muscetta

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