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November 25, 2014

I love the smell of an award in the morning …


No, not that one. THIS one


There’s nothing that can make up for a bad cup of coffee but sometimes it can at least be forgotten by a pleasant distraction.

Fellow blogger Colin Bisset has nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Che bella sorpresa, thanks so much. Writer/broadcaster Colin has a lovely blog where he blends his love of words with his love of design. We bonded over a post I wrote about my preferred coffee-making method and I’m thrilled he admits I changed his coffee habit.

Awards are hard-won, and there’s a little housekeeping to do first. I have to abide by the rules of this game by:

  • Thanking and linking to the person who nominated me
  • Listing the rules and displaying the award
  • Sharing seven facts about myself
  • Nominating 15 other blogs I enjoy, then commenting on their posts to let them know I’ve nominated them

Here goes:

  1. I was named after the main character in the 1944 romance novel Forever Amber. My mother saw the film in Italy years later and loved the name (which is Ambra in Italian)
  2. Raw onion is my enemy. Apart from giving me tears so ferocious I need a towel to mop my face, I hate the taste, the after-taste and the lingering taste the day after
  3. I have adopted the neighbourhood cat lady as my mentor and hope to become just as eccentric
  4. I badly need (swimming) stroke correction
  5. I worship at the alter of choreographer Bob Fosse (especially The Pajama Game, Sweet Charity, Chicago and Cabaret)
  6. I learnt to dance salsa in 1999, perfected it in Cuba in 2000 and didn’t stop dancing until 2007. Boy, was I tired.
  7. I’m a fairly decent cook but Asian stir fries defeat me

But enough about me. This is the business of sharing, and these are the blogs I like to read (no particular order):

Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things – A collection of recipes, essays, food news and reviews

The Food Sage – All things gastronomic by food writer/restaurant reviewer Rachel Lebihan

Gherkins and Tomatoes – A blog about the universal language of food

Garden Drum – Plants, gardening, edibles, garden design, pets, wildlife, travel

Paradisus Garden Lovers – Garden inspiration and advice from designer Peter Nixon

Silver Screen Suppers – The wacky world of film star dining (featuring a lot of Vincent Price)

Venice: I am not Making this Up – Journalist Erla Zwingle’s wry take on life in Venice

Jovina Cooks Italian – Home-cooked Italian meals with emphasis on regional specialities

Italy on my Mind – Comprehensive ‘how-to’ recipes for elegant Italian dishes

On Food and Film – Hyperbolic ruminations on food and film

Skiourophilia – Covetable bits’n’pieces and vintage wares

Curnblog – Film reviews, interviews, opinions and interesting perspectives

Hollywood Essays – Behind-the-scenes stories and photos of Louis B. Mayer’s early Hollywood

Good Morning Trieste – Food, art, photos from my p.o.b. – Trieste

Thanks again Colin for the nomination – and the distraction.


  1. Congratulations

    • Thanks Jovina. It’s good fun

  2. Congrats Ambra, you deserve to win. Now I have to check out all those blogs you cited, and your coffee making method. There goes the afternoon … plus, I too loved Forever Amber, to the extent I wrote it into my 1961 novella – I think it was banned until 1959.
    ciao ciao

    • Thanks Julia. Hope you enjoy my other posts. Yes, Forever Amber was a great bodice ripper – I never quite perfected the art. Hope your new book’s going well?

      • Actually, it was the descriptions of the plague that were the lasting memory for me. Maybe I need to read it again, 900 pages!

        The Midnight Pianist has turned into a trilogy, with readers wanting more … although it’s a YA novel, my readers range from 12 to 88. It’s good fun. The 2nd and 3rd books are not yet published. The first I hope will be an ebook by xmas, but it’s not in my hands.
        Re coffee, I just make mine in a single espresso pot.

      • Sounds good – on both counts

  3. There’s a couple of names on here that I already love and a few more that I am going to enjoy checking out. Thank you very much, Ambra – it is nice to know one has at least one reader! All the best! Vicki

    • Pleasure Vicki. I really enjoy your posts. Keep those kitties coming!

  4. Dear Ambra…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that newspaper clipping, how awesome is that! Colin is one of my favourite presenters and I enjoy his blog too… now thank you ever so much for including me in your list… I am humbled and honoured. And it was such fun to read all about you… xox

    • Thanks Liz, and it’s my pleasure to include you. You put so much effort and good content into your blog. And, yes, I’m a huge Colin B. fan too.

      • Thanks ever so much, I ❤ you too, seriously! Your blog is a joy to read!

  5. Auguri! I agree with you about the onions. Yuk! Cristina

    • Yes. I can eat it fried, roasted and even blanched. Anything except raw. Thanks for stopping by.

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