An Excuse for a Haiku

March 5, 2014


A blog name inspired by film director Sergio Leone

A kick-ass cocktail in his honour

Spaghetti Western – I’m a little drunk on you



Recipe for this killer drink courtesy Food Republic using the new (to Australia) SOLERNO Blood Orange Liqueur



  1. Ambradambra, thanks for the reminder of those great movies. I also love what I call “noodle westerns” – John Woo’s distinctive offerings in “Face Off” and “Broken Arrow” for example. I guess you need to find us the recipe for a saki sling for that!

  2. Oh yes, had forgotten about the Asian offerings. Lovely idea about a saki sling – might need to find an Italian twist to go with it!

  3. Mmmm – it is 8am here in London but I want one if these! Jenny x

    • Well, I suppose you could justify it as surely the Italian Blood Orange liqueur must have lots of Vitamin C in it?

  4. Had never heard of Solerno but totally seduced by that colour! (To drink
    to an Ennio Morricone score, I expect.)

    • I’ve only recently discovered this liqueur too. It hasn’t been in AUstralia that long … not cheap, but worth it for the beautiful bottle. And it really tastes divine.

  5. A lovely three-liner. It would appear that Spaghetti Westerns are not for the faint hearted … i’d have to water me one of those babies down, i suspect. Great work … as always.

    • They sure do pack a punch. Delicious, but to be drunk in moderation. And not before getting on a horse.

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